We got more e-mail tips today about this clip than we did about the new unemployment numbers. With good reason: It’s a 20-megaton schlock warhead, the most devastatingly campy weapon yet devised by man. Our horrible economy will recover someday; after this, our culture never will. In fact, it’s so lethally cheesy that it has the power to turn everything it touches to pure Velveeta. Until today, I loved both the Beatles and the ’80s. No more, my friends. No more.

The good news: Leslie Nielsen appears briefly, and Katarina Witt and the women of “Twin Peaks” have aged well. The bad news: Literally everything else, from the Milli Vanilli/Right Said Fred cameos to Steve Guttenberg’s apparent lack of eyebrows to Philip Michael Thomas playing air guitar decked out in full “Miami Vice” regalia. I’m alarmed to see Jason Alexander dealt from this pack of D-list jokers, too. I know work has been slow after “Seinfeld,” but … dude. Dude.

Two clips here, actually, the second of which doesn’t even boast a good song to partly redeem the horrific concept. If the first is Cheez Whiz, the second is Cheez Whiz gone bad. As for the show the vids are promoting, Mediaite says it’s Norwegian and that it focuses on the ’80s. That’s all I know, and that’s all I want to know. Exit question: Where do we, as a civilization, go from here?

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