A follow-up to last night’s QOTD. It’s the KWHL hosts who do most of the goofing, actually, with Bristol giggling along. But if Olby’s willingness to speak truth to power — a.k.a. Sarah Palin’s kids — annoyed you as much as it did virtually everyone else, including lefty Tommy Christopher at Mediaite, you’ll enjoy the clip anyway.

I’ll let official Daily Caller Olby-ologist Ruth Graham set the mood:

But the Worst Person in the World award tonight went to Bristol Palin, for participating in a PSA about safe sex along with a “Dancing With the Stars” and “Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. The PSA, which is admittedly painful to watch, was released to a tremendous amount of publicity and mockery back on November 16, but Keith seems to have only just heard about it. His objection is that Palin, who had a baby as an unmarried teenager, is serving as a spokesperson for abstinence, which she has been doing since last year. Next he will be complaining that that guy with the tracheotomy shouldn’t be telling us not to smoke, since clearly he himself was once a smoker so he has no right to talk. It’s an outrage! I’m sick of people with “experience” trying to tell me how to avoid the mistakes they made. I’d much prefer to get advice from people who have never struggled with a particular issue. For example, Keith Olbermann could warn us about the dangers of low self-esteem.

There’s actually a second part to this in which John Ziegler phones in and starts throwing rhetorical roundhouses at Olbermann, but since I’m lifting this clip from Barbaric Thoughts, I’m going to send you over there to listen to part two. Follow the last link and enjoy.

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