Via Gateway Pundit, the outrage du jour. I couldn’t name you a single Gwar tune but I’ve known of the band for years for precisely this reason — their costumes and stagecraft are so famously ridiculous that the whole act operates as a sort of satire of death metal. In fact, the lead singer’s been known to turn up on “Red Eye” in full regalia to banter with Gutfeld and crew. Dumping on politicians during their shows is another regular feature of their act: See Wikipedia for a long list of targets, along with this charming photo of “George W. Bush.” Which is to say, I’m not so sure this is evidence of specific anti-Palin animus as much as it is just … Gwar being Gwar.

Any Gwar fans want to correct me on that? Bear in mind, this would require you to admit to being a Gwar fan first. As for everyone else, please observe your official strong content warning, as there’s both profanity here and over-the-top gross-out material (of course). Exit question: When did David Frum and Joe Scarborough join Gwar?

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