Happy Thanksgiving to all Hot Air readers!  I hope that you are all enjoying this North American tradition going back almost four full centuries with friends and family.  I’m thankful to be with my family in Southern California celebrating the holiday, although I’ll miss my Minnesota family this year.  I’m also grateful for the wonderful family here at Hot Air, including readers like the blogger at American Elephants, who sent the photoshopped image I used for this post that depicts what our pilgrim radio-show hosts may have looked like back when this holiday started, or something.  That picture was originally taken at the Minnesota state fair, but the drumsticks look like they came from the Renaissance Faire.

Of course, Thanksgiving needs turkeys, and the NFL has graciously presented us with three of them on Thanksgiving.  Since I went 6-0 in last week’s picks , which I believe is the first time I’ve picked all six correctly in three seasons of writing these open threads, I’ll make predictions in all three of today’s games.  We’ll get an early test of my season-to-date record of 39-28:

  • Patriots at Lions – Who says that turkey is the traditional dish on Thanksgiving?  The NFL serves up Detroit as sacrificial lambs every year — but this time they’ve outdone themselves by scheduling New England as the Lions’ opponent.  The only mystery here is when the Pats will pull Tom Brady to let him rest up.  I’ll guess midway through the third quarter in a 35-10 rout.
  • Saints at Cowboys – It’s true that Dallas has played much better in its past two games under Jason Garrett.  However, the Saints are also playing better after getting off to a rough start in their first-ever season as league champs.  They play well on the road (3-1) while Dallas hasn’t played well at home (1-4).  This may actually be a pretty good game, but the Saints win it with their good defense and good enough offense, 28-20.
  • Bengals at Jets – Cincinnati has done so well this year that their premiere wide receiver has taken to calling one of the QBs in his division “soft.”  Oh, wait — the Bungles are 2-8, and Terrell Owens has, er, how many Super Bowl rings?  That would be zero, mainly because he’s made every team for which he played a collective head case.  Big Ben Roethlisberger has two Super Bowl rings and his team is 7-3.   TO gets to put his mouth in action against the 8-2 Jets today, which is about the only thing that’s working on the Bungles squad.  Jets should dispense with the suspense and beat the Bengals, 31-14.