You already know all about Giunta, I hope. If not, avail yourself: I’ve written about him twice before, “60 Minutes” profiled him recently, and the Army’s done its typical superb job of creating a multimedia showcase about the man, his life, and his uncommon valor. (This, especially, is worth reading in full.) The battlescape feature at the Army page isn’t animated and narrated the way it was for Staff Sgt. Robert Miller, so if you’re looking for something in that vein, this CNN clip will help you visualize what Giunta and his squad faced that day.

The ceremony’s long but take two minutes to watch the presentation at around 19:00. Fewer than 3,500 American servicemen have received the MOH; a majority since World War II haven’t lived to see the ceremony. Giunta, in fact, is the very first since Vietnam to make it from the battlefield to the East Room. Watching him smile sheepishly as the room applauds is thus hopelessly bittersweet, gratifying in that he got to enjoy the recognition he deserves but painful as a reminder that most others didn’t. A precious moment. Don’t miss it.

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