Meet John Finn, a veteran of World War II, Pearl Harbor survivor, and a living recipient of the Medal of Honor for his valor on December 7, 1941. Hit by shrapnel in 21 places, the chief remained in control of his ordnance crew, returning fire on Japanese airplanes throughout the entire attack, and only reluctantly seeking medical attention after the first blow of WWII on American shores had finished. Admiral Chester Nimitz presented the Medal of Honor, a ceremony seen during this seven minute interview by the site Great Americans, which tells the story of “ordinary people” who did “extraordinary deeds” in defense of their country:

Great Americans also has a stirring tribute to American veterans especially on this day that honors their service:

Be sure to visit the Great Americans site and watch their many fine videos, especially today on Veterans Day.

My family has many veterans, some (like my father, all four of my surviving uncles, and a number of my cousins and their families) who have served our country. We also have at least one or two currently in the service. My wife’s father passed away 19 years ago after having served in the Marine Corps in both WWII and Korea. I thank them all for their sacrifice, as well as our many readers who have served or are serving in our military for the defense of freedom and liberty.

Note: Yesterday was the 235th birthday of the Marine Corps, an event noted by Cassy Fiano in our Green Room. Happy birthday, Marines!