Is that what the kerfuffle about his India trip was all about? I thought it was the fact that, hot on the heels of Mrs. O’s Spanish getaway and in the midst of what Obama himself frequently describes as the worst economy since the Great Depression, there were reports from Indian media of fantastically exorbitant spending for the trip. Those reports were untrue, to be sure, but is the thought of blowing $200 million a day on a junket to Asia something Americans … shouldn’t note when they hear it?

Also, if this is racist, how come lefties didn’t mind hassling Bush when they thought his spending on presidential functions was a tad much?

On January 13, 2005, AP’s Will Lester disparaged the “lavish” Bush inauguration, creatively listing how much could be purchased with the millions wasted on the ceremonies: 200 armored Humvees with the best armor for troops in Iraq, vaccinations and preventive health care for 22 million children in regions devastated by the tsunami, even a down payment on the nation’s deficit, “which hit a record-breaking $412 billion last year.”

Lester added that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (the man who would soon hire disgraced Dan Rather for his HDNet channel) insisted President Bush should cancel all his parties and festivities to set an example. Democratic congressmen Anthony Weiner and Jim McDermott were highlighted for urging Bush in a letter that he imitate FDR’s 1945 inaugural, where he served guests “cold chicken salad and plain pound cake.”

But on January 13, 2009, with deficit estimates passing over the trillion-dollar mark, the AP urged that “excess” was mandatory for an inauguration they finally felt was worth celebrating. They wrote of no attempts to ask liberal Democrats if they would now urge Obama to stick to cold chicken salad and pound cake.

As you watch, kindly note that the the thoughtful, fair-and-balanced “Hardball” panel here consists of the editor of Salon and a VP at Media Matters. But see, it’s Keith Olbermann’s donations to Democrats that make MSNBC a joke. Exit question: Should I be worried that my posts are now being tweeted by … Robert Gibbs? RINO-tastic! Click the image to watch.