Thank goodness for Eric Mar! I wondered who would have the courage to end the plague of elementary school children driving to McDonalds and other fast-food joints to drop money for a food package with a toy in it. Obviously, these kids need a strong hand to guide them —

Wait, what was that? Elementary school kids can’t drive? Reason TV gives San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar its Nanny of the Month award for presuming to tell parents that they cannot judge for themselves what to feed their children:

Last month the food police sued a North Carolina man for growing fresh vegetables, and this month San Francisco’s food cops have committed a different kind of atrocity by making the City by the Bay the first major metropolis to ban toys in happy meals.

This month’s top busybody is the pol who sponsored the ordinance to make happy meals sad, the one who hopes his “food justice” agenda goes nationwide.

Presenting the Nanny of the Month for October 2010: San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar!

This is patently absurd. Will San Francisco outlaw PEZ dispensers next? No one is forced to buy Happy Meals. When parents decide that the meals no longer fit their needs, the restaurants will adjust accordingly. But this is even more ridiculous, because believe it or not, parents don’t buy them for the toys.  The junky toys are throwaways.  They buy the packaged meals for convenience and cost.

Hopefully, this will stay a San Francisco “thing,” but as Allahpundit wrote last night, it probably will spread to other nanny-state areas.  These politicos didn’t listen on Tuesday to the majority of voters who want government to focus on legitimate business and to keep their noses out of everything else.   Until places like Frisco and the Big Apple demand that government gets off their backs, Reason TV will have a never-ending stream of material for this series.