Why does Harry Reid find himself on the brink of involuntary retirement? Pam Key at The Blaze finds a clue in this clip from an interview this week in which Reid asserts his independence, and still manages to screw up. The interviewer notes that the role of the leaders of the President’s party in Congress have the task of fronting his legislative agenda, and in the parlance of the Beltway, calls it “carry[ing] the water of the President,” to which Reid objects, insisting that he doesn’t carry water for the President. So who does he carry water for?  Oops:

So he carries the water for … the Establishment?  How much of a softball does the interviewer have to toss, Harry?  You’re supposed to say, “I carry the water for Nevada,” not the Senate.

But even if Reid denies it, he’s been carrying the water for Obama the past two years, and everyone in Nevada knows it.  He ran as a pro-life fiscal conservative when Nevadans first sent him to Washington, and what did he do when Obama came to office?  Reid personally put together a big-government entitlement that has a back-door clause to finance abortions with federal money.  The massive Porkulus bill that Reid personally pushed through the Senate has worked so well that his state managed to wrest the championship of unemployment from Michigan — no mean feat.

Actually, the last two years it looks less like Reid carries the water for Barack Obama and more that he carries the water for Nancy Pelosi.