“Most attendees at Comedy Central political spinsters Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s rally to ‘Restore Sanity and/or Fear’ had no clue for whom they are voting on November 2. They did, however, know they’re voting Democrat, down the line, because, they said, Republicans don’t fit their mold of ‘moving forward’ in the country.

“For instance, Liz Pifer, a student at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pa., told The Daily Caller that though she plans to vote in the midterm elections on Tuesday, she didn’t even know who was running for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat. She later said that she thought Joe Sestak was running, and that she’ll probably vote for him because he’s a Democrat. As for House candidates, she said, ‘I don’t know who’s running.'”…

“Anti-Tea-Party-ness and anger toward Fox News dominated most signs at the rally on the National Mall, a clear fit for comedian Stewart’s jabs at what he calls extremism.

“Shoshana Senn, 15, of Arlington, Va., thinks Tea Partiers are ‘dumb.'”

“‘I find it incredibly ironic,’ says Jim Neimeier, who drove to Washington from Wisconsin for the event, ‘that I had to come to a rally sponsored by a comedian to get at the truth.’

‘This is the most American thing I’ve ever done!’ a young man screamed Saturday morning into a plastic megaphone, provided free by Comedy Central.”

“‘We don’t have any place to turn,’ said Michelle Sabol, 41, a jewelry designer from Pittsburgh who was wearing a grey cap with a carpenter’s level sewn on top. “Why are these Democrats running away from Obama’s accomplishments? It’s a kick in the gut.’…

“‘We came because we feel like this is a safe place to be reasonable,’ she said…

“‘We want to say, ‘We exist,’’ said Jonathan Erwin, 20, an architecture student. ‘We have a voice. Jon Stewart is only the enabler.'”

“‘If we amplify everything, we hear nothing,’ Stewart said, accusing media outlets of fearmongering and spotlighting extremists instead of reasonable Americans. He later added that the press is America’s immune system – and ‘if it overreacts to everything, we actually get sicker.’…

“The rally included references to Glenn Beck, the Fox News host who held his own rally this summer, a rally that some have suggested Stewart’s event was an answer to. (Beck also gave out four medals at his rally.) But they were not direct: Instead, Beck was lumped in with both conservative and liberal commentators as part of the reason, in Stewart’s eyes, the media is failing America.

“Beck, Keith Olbermann and others appeared in montages offering incendiary rhetoric that Stewart deemed dispiriting. (Olbermann did not take kindly to this: ‘It wasn’t a big shark but Jon Stewart jumped one just now with the ‘everybody on [24 hour] cable is the same’ naivete,’ he wrote on Twitter.)”

Via Mediaite. “We live now in hard times, not end times. And we can have animus and not be enemies.”