Teresa Collett and her campaign didn’t take long to revamp one of their web videos from earlier this week to add an “urgent update.”   In a debate for the Congressional election in MN-04, five-term incumbent Democrat Betty McCollum told voters that “al-Qaeda no longer poses a threat to the United States.”  Eight days later, President Obama went on national television to explain the national-security threat that AQ posed in its latest terrorist plot, using the international cargo system to attempt attacks on synagogues in Chicago, among other potential targets.  Today the Collett campaign makes the argument even more clear that Betty McCollum has no idea about national security and doesn’t belong in Congress:

Yesterday, after a number of Hot Air readers asked me whether Collett would air new commercials in the district to highlight the point, I reached out to my contacts in both the GOP and the Collett campaign.  The GOP orgs have allocated all of their resources for the final few days, which means that they don’t have the money to put into anything new now.  That’s actually good news, in a way; they’re leaving it all on the field, so to speak, and not holding anything back.  Unfortunately, it means that they can’t react to last-minute events.

My sources in the Collett campaign tell me that they would like to run a version of this ad on local TV in the next three days, but they’ve also left it all on the field.  They’ll need to raise some substantial funds in order to get it done.  I’d encourage anyone who wants to see CD4 voters get informed on this issue to visit Collett’s site and donate what you can to give them the resources to make it happen.