Behold the media reach of Christine O’Donnell, capable of influencing ads for Senate races thousands of miles away from Delaware. I like the spot, mainly because it lightens Miller’s image after the bad press he got from his security handcuffing that blogger, but I’ve got to say: He must be the only tea-party candidate in the country right now who’s actually trying, however obliquely, to inject O’Donnell into his race. (Ask Pat Toomey about that.) How about some ads instead touting his military service and highlighting the sleazy performance of She Who Shall Not Be Named at the last debate? Or is that what he’s bringing Palin in for — to emphasize his service credentials as a proud military mom?

Speaking of SWSNBN, her campaign’s outrageously outraged at today’s court ruling prohibiting electioneering near polling places by circulating a list with the names of write-in candidates. That seems like common sense to me: A list inside a polling place that contains the name of candidates is typically known as … a ballot, yes? She didn’t qualify for that, so now she’s got to respect the 200-foot perimeter. If lists are allowed inside, Alaska might as well do away with ballot qualifications entirely and put everyone on there who wants to be on.