To cleanse the palate. Actually, we already knew that time travel exists. Remember this photo? You’ll never convince me that that’s not a modern-day hipster jackass, playing it cool as ever after ducking through a wormhole and emerging in the 1940s. As for the clip below, I’ll give you four possible explanations. One: She’s wearing a hearing aid. They existed in 1928 — but in that case, why does she appear to be speaking right before the image dissolves? Two: She’s unbalanced. Crazy people have been known to talk to themselves, which might explain why the footage wasn’t used in the final cut. Three: It’s just what it looks like. She’s a time traveler yakkin’ on some future-y communication device. (It can’t be a cell phone since there were no towers around at the time.) Four: It’s a hoax created by the host of the clip — who is, in fact, a filmmaker — in hopes of making a name for himself. If so, though, it’d be easy to disprove. Just get a copy of the Chaplin DVD and check to see whether this outtake really is among the extras. I haven’t seen any confirmation about that yet.

This has been bugging me all day. What’s the answer?