Barack Obama’s trip started off badly before Obama even arrived, with the Democratic gubernatorial nominee telling a radio show that Obama could “shove” his endorsement after Obama made it known that he would remain neutral as a favor to Frank Caprio’s independent candidate, Lincoln Chafee. It only got worse when Obama made appearances at two fundraisers. Not only did Obama get confused about the unemployment rate, but where he was. A source provided me with a series of Obamateurisms rolled up into a single day from press pool reports:

“We are 10 days away? Nine? I have been on the road a lot.”

It was actually 8 days away last night, and seven days away today.

“We can’t have special interest sh*tting… Sitting shotgun.”

Did TOTUS do that? Also, the press pool didn’t provide the exact quotes, but Obama referenced being in New Hampshire rather than Rhode Island at one point, and also misstated the jobless rate as 9.5%, too.

But let’s not be too hard on Obama. It must be a tough election cycle with all of those non-endorsements Obama is offering fellow Democrats.

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