Chris Barden, running for Attorney General in Minnesota against incumbent Lori Swanson, delivers a hard-hitting attack on Swanson’s record — especially in her involvement in a transfer to ACORN of a quarter-million dollars from a credit-card settlement. It’s an issue that arose in 2008 when the settlement became public, and initially shone a light on Mike Hatch, who was AG at the time, and an issue on which I wrote at the time. Barden looked at the actual documents that finalized the ACORN funding and discovered that Swanson’s signature was the only one on them:

Barden also uses a WCCO report from a post I wrote in April 2009 about politicization of the AG’s office.  Swanson refused to answer questions about these allegations from the local CBS affiliate.  Barden uses the entire clip in his 14-minute video presentation, so I won’t embed it again, but suffice it to say that the politicization of the AG office seems to have continued well past that time, as Barden relates from affidavits offered by seven former AG staff attorneys under Swanson.

Slush funds, political prosecutions, and ACORN.  We’ll be talking with Barden on today’s NARN show, so be sure to tune in and hear Barden explain his allegations.

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