It’s a heartwarming story — a local son trudges off to Washington with a patched-up suitcase and a few bucks in his pocket, and comes home a multi-millionaire.  It’s a story with a long tradition, from LBJ to Charlie Rangel, and of course Harry Reid.  During his debate with Sharron Angle, though, Reid insisted that he lived on a “fixed income” and knew how hard it was to make ends meet.  Really?  Angle’s new ad explores the diminished lifestyle of Harry Reid, Public Servant:

First, the “fixed income” of Harry Reid is $193,400 per year.  His annual pension, once Reid retires, will be over $60,000.  Somehow, I doubt Reid will be clipping coupons this week to make ends meet.

That’s not all of Reid’s resources, of course.  While I was at Captain’s Quarters, the Los Angeles Times delivered a hard-hitting series on Reid’s financial dealings and links to legislation Reid either sponsored or helped push that boosted his own fortunes (see here and here for starters).  It got so bad that major newspapers called for Reid to resign his leadership position.

This seems like a productive line of inquiry for Angle, one that she may have wanted to hit before early voting started in Nevada.