Given the condition of the country this year, and especially the dire economic situation in Nevada, do voters really need dramatic sloganeering and background music that might have been too turgid even for Wagner? Instead of plumbing the usual ground in negative advertising, American Crossroads makes a deliberate effort to use a lighter touch — and scores its point about Harry Reid with more impact as a result (via Elizabeth Crum at Battle ’10):

It’s still a negative ad, of course, because it takes a critical look at Harry Reid’s record and the results of Democratic control of Washington. But instead of following a predictable style and over-the-top rhetoric, American Crossroads goes for simplicity and a more direct approach. That’s easy to do when the facts are on your side, and because of its simplicity, it has even greater impact. It makes for a great contrast to other ads in the home stretch, especially from Reid — which will struggle to answer for the outcome of Reid’s agenda.