NRO’s Jim Geraghty joked on Twitter that Charlie Crist’s mystery announcement today would be that that he’s pursuing his dream of being a Major League Baseball pitcher. The real story is almost as funny: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is endorsing Gov. Charlie Crist in his independent candidacy for the Senate.

Excuse me, but isn’t this a lower-wattage endorsement than the one he got from Kennedy-by-proxy (and unpopular California Gov.) Arnold Schwarzenegger? RFK, Jr. may have been considered to head Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency, but he was not tapped, and for good reason. He was one of the most prominent advocates for the conspiracy theory that the 2004 election was stolen — nuttery laughed off even by liberal media outlets like Salon. He also believes that hog farmers are a greater threat to the United States and our democracy than Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Perhaps most salient here, if Charlie Crist is trying to peel away Democrats from supporting a black candidate like Kendrick Meek, should he be touting the endorsement of a guy who called Barack Obama an “indentured servant” to the coal industry? Then again, absolutely shameless and incoherent hackery has been the touchstone of the Crist campaign, so why not?

In reality, it seems as though the only threat to a Marco Rubio victory is Meek dropping out, which is why Crist has been courting local Dem pols to call on Meek to quit. However, that tactic seems risky, bordering on reckless. The spectacle of the Democratic establishment throwing a black candidate under the bus in favor of a white (or orange) guy who was a Republican until his ego necessitated this sore loser campaign cannot play well with black voters that Barack Obama may need to keep the state competitive in 2012.

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