Via Newsbusters, note that she’s not really asking here for more balanced coverage. What she wants is slanted coverage, but slanted to her side. That’s a useful clarifying moment for the endless griping about Fox News: Turns out, when they call it “right-wing propaganda,” it’s not the “propaganda” part of that formulation that’s bugging them. What makes this doubly interesting, of course, is that Waters isn’t any old partisan but a U.S. congresswoman, and yet here she is making no bones about asking a media mogul to enforce a little top-down ideological bias on an outlet many Americans look to for news. I’m honestly curious as to how far she’d take it. Would it be a simple matter of telling the commentators like O’Reilly to avoid rhetoric involving “anchor babies,” say? Or would this extend all the way to Shep Smith and Carl Cameron and the rest of the news crew to, say, avoid reporting stories like this? Via Weasel Zippers:

A coalition of Mexican mayors has asked the United States to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes in the U.S. to Mexican border cities, saying the deportations are contributing to Mexican border violence…

Those criminal deportees, [the mayor of Juarez] said, have contributed to the violence in Juarez, which has reported more than 2,200 murders this year. Reyes and the other Mexican mayors said that when the U.S. deports criminals back to Mexico, it should fly them to their hometowns, not just bus them to the border…

Juan Hernandez, founder of the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas and former director of Mexico’s Presidential Office for Mexicans, says he’s spoken to the border city mayors, and they don’t believe the U.S. is doing enough.

“Mexico believes that individuals who commit crimes in the United States should be prosecuted in the United States and not sent to Mexico to continue their performing of crimes,” he told

Hearing Mexican mayors whine about having to deal with Mexican criminals who’ve victimized Americans after crossing the border illegally is not, I dare say, helpful in softening public opposition to the glorious liberal cause of mass amnesty, so presumably that would be off the news menu henceforth, yes? And they wonder why conservatives worry about the Fairness Doctrine.

Please do take a minute to read the entire Newsbusters post linked above, as Lachlan Markey reminds us that not only is Waters a Fox-basher of longstanding, but one of the reasons she may see no problem in corporate executives mandating ideological guidelines for a news channel is because, to some extent, MSNBC allegedly already does it.

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