Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Kerry Picket of the Washington Times joins us to bring us up to date on Capitol Hill stories. Kerry will tell us about her interview with Barney Frank, Pat Leahy’s new bill on Supreme Court justices, and Congress’ hasty retreat from the tax vote.

Next, Shannon Goessling, chief counsel of the Southeastern Legal Foundation, will report on the legality of new EPA efforts to expand regulation.  The SLF has filed a lawsuit against the EPA on behalf of 16 professional organizations and 16 members of Congress to stop climate-change regulation, and have a motion to stay any new enforcement in front of the Court.  This will provide a follow-up to my interview earlier this week of Senator James Inhofe, and it will also provide more insight into the EPA’s below-the-radar approach to imposing a cap-and-trade alternative on American industry.

In bonus minutes, John Randall of the NRCC will update us on the hottest Congressional races around the country.  He’ll also review the NRCC’s Tax Tracker, and tell us how and where we can help.

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