I was going to post the video of Cindy Sheehan proudly declaring herself a 9/11 Truther, just as a friendly reminder to media types who obsess about cranks at tea party rallies that their side’s grassroots heroes have “issues” too. But (a) we already knew that about St. Cindy, and (b) I thought you deserved an even bigger trainwreck to end a slower-than-slow news day. So here you go — three minutes from one of the most excruciating TV screw-ups you’ll ever see. It’s the grand finale of “Australia’s Next Top Model” and they’re down to the final two contestants, Amanda (red dress) and Kelsey (black dress). And the winner, who’s being applauded by the crowd as the clip starts off, is … Kelsey! Or is it?

Imagine how horrifying this would have been if the two women hadn’t been as gracious as they were. Good lord.

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