Alternate headline: “Paul Ryan, Democrat succeed wildly at mugging for the camera while the other speaks.” Three thoughts. One: The dynamic here simply couldn’t be cuter. When Fox signs me as a contributor, KP and I will do all our joint segments this way. Two: Wasserman-Schultz is, of course, misrepresenting his position on Social Security. He doesn’t want to completely privatize it, he wants to give people under age 55 the option of investing part of their money in private accounts. Why, in this context, we might even call him … “pro-choice.” Three: She’s right, alas, about the reason his roadmap proposals didn’t make it into the GOP’s Pledge. Tea partiers are grumpy that it didn’t include more Big Think items like a balanced budget amendment, but that’s because the GOP leadership correctly believes that centrists — and, especially, seniors — aren’t ready for an “adult conversation” on entitlements right before a crucial midterm. The only solution, my friends? Have Chris Christie go door to door across America, grabbing people by the lapels and jabbing a finger in their faces while informing that they’re going to help him get rid of these deficits and they’re going to do it now.