Via the Anchoress, alternate headline: “The greatest thing ever filmed.” Some dream of money, others dream of love, I dream of this.

Actually, apart from its sheer surreal awesomeness, this is like a dream in another sense: It’s completely ephemeral. There’s no feature-length film or TV pilot from which the scenes were drawn; it’s a trailer created from scratch for a book, one of those goofy pulp horror mash-ups aiming to cash in on the success of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” And it’s not the first trailer cooked up for a work in that genre. Remember Abe Lincoln versus Dracula?

It’s also surprisingly gory at times, so if your stomach is weak, please observe your official content warning. Exit question: Having gone to the trouble of executing a premise this insanely fantastic, why oh why didn’t they at least spin it out to a 30-minute short? Why must they taunt us with bare morsels of genius?