Maybe the lesson here is to keep Presidents away from grocers. George H. W. Bush didn’t do himself any favors when he asked a question about a bar-code scanner, making him appear to be out of touch and patrician for supposedly not understanding them.  If so, then perhaps one can say the same thing about Barack Obama, who apparently hasn’t gone produce shopping since … well, perhaps never:

The latest gaffe came Monday during a trip to Philadelphia when, according to the Associated Press, “he picked up four apples from a fruit stand,” for which he handed the vendor the princely sum of $1.

Now, in the infinite scheme of things it’s really not all that important that Obama didn’t realize that the last time you could get four apples for a dollar might have been when Herbert Hoover was in the White House. Nobody lives or dies because he doesn’t know, or didn’t think, that he was underpaying.

Peter Roff at US News also considers this a Mediateurism, too:

The point is that, had it been either President Bush or HouseRepublican Leader John Boehner or former Speaker Newt Gingrich who had done such a thing, the networks would have put the story upfront in their evening newscasts while the cable channels would have been given over to commentators and experts who would intone, in desperate seriousness, that this was proof of just how out of touch they were. [See who supports Boehner.]

Not Obama. No sir.

The AP reporter who mentioned the apple incident all but gave him a rhetorical pass when she wrote, parenthetically, that the president “doesn’t do much grocery shopping these days.”

Be sure to read the rest of the piece by Roff, who has a litany of examples and counterexamples that are a damning indictment of the double standard applied by the media to Democrats and their gaffes — which is, after all, the point of this recurring feature.

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