Breitbart and Naked Emperor News highlight a clip from last May, when Howard Dean lectured Austrian students on how best to avoid answering questions on the campaign trail.  It’s mainly interesting as a curio, as Dean clearly wanted Democrats to avoid answering questions about immigration, which had begun to blow up in their faces by the time Dean had this little chat.  Of course, as this clip shows, Dean doesn’t exactly know how to pick a Plan B, either:

Yes, by all means, let’s keep changing the subject to … jobs. Memo to Governor Dean: Democrats have talked about jobs for two years now; the problem for them is that everything they do keeps killing more of them. Maybe Dean made the mistake of trusting Joe Biden and his “Recovery Summer” campaign, but in this midterm campaign, it’s the Republicans who are talking about jobs, and Democrats desperately trying to change the subject, and to no avail.

Oh, and it’s also a little difficult to paint the GOP as the party that only cares about bankers when Democrats are trying hard to get a candidate elected to the Senate in Illinois who gave millions in loans to mob figures and corrupt fixers as a banker and helped crash his family’s bank — and cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in an FDIC rescue. In fact, Barack Obama keeps making appearances in Illinois to get Alexi Giannoulias elected. His family even profited from the collapse. If Dean wants to change the subject to the party that loves the bankers, well, we won’t stop him. Yeargh!