Another Dark Horse Race to Watch: New Jersey race for Congress

Another day, another dark horse race in the making.  This is one of those years in which political upsets are coming fast and furious from all directions.  As I watch the political landscape shift on a daily basis, an interesting race came across my desk.

Recognizing the opportunity to take on an out of touch incumbent who wants to claim ownership and take credit for a massive intrusion of government into our private lives, the Freedom’s Defense Fund, a DC based PAC, recently announced an ad campaign in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional district.

Take a look at their ad at

This first TV ad is part of a broader campaign to support conservative, upstart candidate Mayor Anna Little’s over Washington-centric incumbent – Frank “It’s my bill” Pallone.  What a namesake.  The ad is short and simple in message.

In a press release, Michael Centanni, Chairman of the Freedom’s Defense Fund, defined Anna Little as a “true champion of conservative values, limited government and lower taxes.” Incumbent Frank Pallone, in contrast, is a typical big-government liberal who wants to take credit for the Obamacare healthcare scheme which the majority of Americans oppose.

Democrat after Democrat across the country have been running — no sprinting — away from both the Obamacare bill and President Obama’s agenda.  I am amazed that someone actually publicly wanted take credit for the healthcare scheme.  Really?

After watching the ad, I wanted to do everything I could do to help Frank “It’s My Bill” Pallone own that issue as voters in New Jersey decide who they want to represent them in November.  If Pallone wants to take credit for a massive overreach of government, lets help him get that message out to the voters so they make make a real and informed choice to reject candidates like Pallone who are trying to put big government in the drivers seat of our lives.

If Pallone wants credit for Obamacare, let’s give it to him by helping him own it.

Keep an eye on this race — it could be The Next Best Political Upset.

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