Look, when a Republican runs in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, he or she has to get creative.  Joel Demos has gotten more than just creative — he’s downright courageous for hanging out in downtown Minneapolis and asking people to “click” his t-shirt in this ad promoting his new Facebook page.  Unlike the chain-toting Everyman in the first commercial who pulls a monster truck down the road with a little help from his friends, Demos lets his friends do the work in this new webspot:

I’ll interview Joel from the State Fair on Thursday to talk about his David-and-Goliath battle against Keith Ellison for Congress, but it’s an interview that almost didn’t happen.  People talk about being citizen legislators, but Joel really does have a day job, and he has trouble occasionally getting out to campaign because of it.  Given that MN-05 is one of the most liberal districts in the country, Joel has a very difficult job ahead.  In the meantime, we can certainly hope to see more creativity from the Demos campaign, and hope other Republicans around the country in easier races show as much heart.