Saturday brought the bizarre saga of Sweden announcing a rape charge against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, then withdrawing the warrant within a matter of hours, downgrading the international media hurricane to a tropical storm of “molestation” charges.  Molestation isn’t “severe” enough to get you arrested in Sweden, so it was all much ado about nothing.

Some have speculated this was more than just a bureaucratic snafu.  Was the Swedish government co-operating with the military and intelligence services of the United States, hoping to discredit Assange with false rape charges?  I hope nobody working for the CIA is incompetent enough to believe that would work.  Even hard evidence of rape would not “discredit” a hero of the international Left.

The murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner wasn’t enough to “discredit” Mumia abu Jamal.  His release from prison remains a romantic obsession of the hard-core Left, which sees no reason for a soul brimming with the people’s poetry to rot in stir over one little dead cop.

The Left seethes in frustration that small, judgmental minds continue to hold Roman Polanski’s assault of an underage girl against him.  His fashionable politics and artistic talent should have long ago erased the memory of that messy business at Jack Nicholson’s place.  In a 1979 interview, Polanski wailed, “If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… f—ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f— young girls. Juries want to f— young girls. Everyone wants to f— young girls!”  He was wrong about the “killing somebody” part, as Mumia abu Jamal could explain.

Those foolish enough to take Michael Moore seriously are happy to swallow hypocrisy and deceit that would be obvious to a small child.  They are not repulsed by the spectacle of a greedy man making millions from selling them propaganda designed to keep them bitter and poor.  Profiting from lies told in the service of a “larger truth” does not “discredit” him.

The Left is happy to watch people like Al Gore rake in billions from the global-warming scam.  No amount of hard data, or evidence of fraud, will discredit the clergy of the Church of Global Warming.  Their sacred ideal is the construction of an absolute international authority, empowered to defend the Earth from grubby little people who keep asserting privileges that should be reserved for the elite, such as driving cars.  No action taken in the service of this ideal can “discredit” the priesthood.

The entire point of Julian Assange’s website is to embarrass the United States military, hindering its war effort against a gang of medieval savages who laugh at the very notion of being held accountable for war crimes.  Their victory would draw a shroud of oppression, torture, and murder over the people of Afghanistan, especially the women and gays loudly claimed as clients and reflexive supporters by the Left in developed nations.  Liberals don’t view the Taliban as a dark force to be defeated at all costs.  They’re much more interested in “discrediting” George Bush – you know, the only guy who can save Barack Obama from himself in the NonZero NonMosque controversy.

Personal crimes will never serve to “discredit” a famous proponent of leftist politics.  One of the chief blessings the Left bestows upon its faithful is the sanctification of awful men.  Liberal politics are primarily a moral exercise.  The effectiveness of a given program is secondary to whether it conforms to their ideology.  Their minds can’t even process something like the Laffer Curve, which demonstrates rising tax rates reduce revenue to the Treasury.  Those higher tax rates are social justice, man.  Punishing and controlling the right people is more important than rendering efficient assistance to the downtrodden.

The moral imperative of ObamaCare will sustain liberal support for it, far beyond its abject failure.  The perpetrators of this legislative monstrosity have admitted they lied through their teeth about it, but this troubles the Left no more than the failure of socialized medicine around the world.  Healing sick people was never the point of the exercise.  An ineffective system designed in accordance with socialist principles is better than any challenge to those principles.  Fraud in the service of such a glorious act of collectivist morality is not a crime.  It doesn’t matter that it strips citizens of their right to self-determination – what is the value of a vote based on lies?  To the Democrat Party base, and his admirers around the world, nothing Obama or his accomplices did in the service of their agenda has “discredited” them.

Socialism is based on the premise that a morally and intellectually superior elite can best organize the lives of citizens, through the exercise of compulsive force.  The moral authority of the elite is assumed, along with their intelligence.  It’s an authority that transcends national boundaries, which the Left despises, since they dilute the power of enlightened central government.  A global government would protect the elite from the rude passions of a backward electorate far more effectively than a collection of bloated nations… just as a vast federal government protects them better than fifty states which take their rights and duties seriously.

Those who render valuable service to the cause of enlightened global authority cannot be “discredited.”  A movement that carries sepia-toned photos of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in its wallet will not be disturbed by treason, the rape of a child, the murder of a cop, lies under oath, breathtaking hypocrisy, or the tyranny of fraud against the citizens of our republic.  A great omelet remains to be made, which means a lot of eggs still need to be broken.  The people who will suffer and die because of Julian Assange’s support for the victory of the Taliban are eggs.  So are any inconvenient young women who might be filing statements in Sweden.

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