Via Mark Finkelstein, it pains me to say it but I think Congress’s trolliest troll is getting a bad rap here. The Screw Loose Change guys read this as evidence of Trutherism, that Grayson’s saying Bush let the attack happen on purpose to advance the secret neoKKKon war agenda or whatever. What he’s actually doing, I think, is accusing Bush of negligence in having not paid more attention to the famous President’s Daily Brief on August 6, 2001 about Bin Laden’s intentions. Big difference between those two positions, of course, as the “on purpose” crowd means to accuse Bush of being a willing accomplice in the attack. But go figure that people might not be willing to give Grayson the benefit of the doubt after the insane rhetorical bombthrowing he’s engaged in this year to raise his media profile.

Anyway, there are two things I like about this clip. One: It’s a perfect peg to remind people who are fretting over the stupid “Obama is a Muslim” polls that Trutherism polled pretty darned well back in the day too. And two: The irony of Grayson dumping on Bush this way when Democrats are desperate to get Dubya to weigh in on their side on the issue du jour is simply too golden to be ignored. My suggested headline for if/when Bush grants their wish: “Guy who let 9/11 happen sides with mosque supporters.”