Who was it, remind me, who was ahead of the curve on this? Who was it who called on her to gently appeal to the legalization crowd weeks before she ended up dropping that mini-bombshell on Napolitano’s show about marijuana laws being overenforced?

C’mon. I have, like, three good ideas a year. Give a man some props.

Among Republicans who say they’ve smoked Marijuana:

Palin 25
Gingrich 22
Huckabee 17
Romney 17
Paul 8

Among Republicans who say they have not smoked Marijuana:

Huckabee 24
Romney 23
Gingrich 21
Palin 21
Paul 3

The sample size was only, er, 83 people, but even so, I’m intrigued to see her so far ahead of Ron Paul, whom you might think would have this particular market cornered. Either her brand as a western libertarian-ish type is stronger than we realized or pot-smoking is so mainstream even among Republicans that there’s no “fringe effect” when polling this particular demographic. When you sample a group of conservatives who’ve smoked weed, you end up with … a group of conservatives, not the pilots of the next “rEVOLution” blimp or whatever. Exit question: Which formerly lefty issue will a majority of the right embrace first, marijuana legalization or gay marriage?