Hugh Hewitt is a friend and mentor, so I’m already inclined to like this clip, but it’s a good zinger regardless of how one feels.  Hugh points out in his appearance on CNN’s Larry King (guest hosted by Tavis Smiley) that Republicans will score big in the midterms, hardly a controversial opinion at this stage of the race.  Libtalker Stephanie Miller challenges Hugh by saying that she’ll keep a recording of that prediction and play it for her listeners, which is akin to setting up pins for the late, great Earl Anthony (via Greg Hengler):

Zing! Hugh makes a good point, though, in this answer.  While we can certainly multitask on topics and policy, the key to this election will be the economy, not Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain or the fifth vacation in the last six weeks for the Obamas.  Republicans won’t win the midterms on birthright citizenship, foreign policy, or other distractions, either.  The Democratic economic agenda has been exposed as a complete failure, and they have no Plan B other than the top-down command economy impulses that have run wild under Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.

That brings me to a thought I’ve had over the last few days.  In the 1970s, these same kinds of policies utterly failed and voters dumped Jimmy Carter for Ronald Reagan in 1980 to bring about a sea change back to free-market principles.  However, it didn’t exactly lead to a Republican renaissance in Congress; the party made gains and controlled the Senate for a while, but Democrats ran the House.  Why?  In 1980, the GOP was still reeling from the disastrous Watergate scandals, and voters flat-out refused to trust them in Congressional elections.

This year, the GOP has no such handicap in the midterms.  The polls show a building tidal wave of discontent, and this time it’s the Democrats with scandals galore along with utter failure on the economy.  Assuming we stay focused on economic and fiscal policy, the incompetence of Democrats, and the disaster of top-down command economics, the GOP could score a huge victory and win an actual realignment.

Addendum: You know, Hugh and Earl look a lot alike, too …