The funniest part of this? The reporter admits that the truck isn’t just a prop. It’s a little beaten up, clearly has been driven before, and, as Romney explains, will be put to use this weekend, but no matter. So vivid is Mitt’s image as both a shameless panderer and a buttoned-down tycoon that it actually qualifies as news to see him behind the wheel of a ScottBrownmobile at a fundraiser. It’s the photo negative of Palin’s image as authentically blue-collar: She could hire a private jet and spend the flight drinking champagne and eating caviar, and grassroots righties would shrug it off as Sarahcuda just having some fun seeing how the other half lives. That’s a huge problem for Romney at a moment when the base is groovin’ on populism, to the point that Ace thinks Mitt should simply unleash the country-club Republican within and at least earn some grudging respect for being himself. Free advice for the next fundraiser: Cruise up in a stretch limo with a platinum “WMR” hood ornament, then roll down the window to reveal that you’re rocking a pair of high-end Ray-Bans. First shouted line: “Did someone here call for an economy repairman?” Sure, it’d be obnoxious beyond belief — but Gordon Gekko was obnoxious too and yet was respected by friend and foe alike for his ability. It’s the last chance, Mitt! Embrace the authenticity.