The C4P crowd is celebrating, with good reason. Although The One, thanks to the presidential pulpit, has many more fans than she does, no other American pol has leveraged social media more effectively to broadcast their message. And needless to say, it shows: By comparison, Romney stands at 470,000 fans and Huckabee at 376,000. Even the Cult of Paul can only manage 240,000 for their man. Put ’em all together and you’re slightly more than halfway to her own following. Whether that means her base is larger than anyone thinks or that it’s simply more eager to follow her every rhetorical move, I guess we’ll wait for the primaries to decide.

In honor of the occasion, via devoted longtime Palin supporter Tim L., some light humor from her, er, admirers in Germany. This is clearly a goof, but an unusually elaborate one: They’ve got a webpage, a Facebook page, and even a Twitter feed. Exit question: Is Palinmania going global?