Nothing says “I mean business” like a well-timed f-bomb, especially coming from a kid.

Not to be outdone by Junk Shot, Top Kill, Saw and Cap, Hot Tap and “Plug the Damn Hole,” Luke Montgomery and Nate Guidas of Unf–k The Gulf have upped the rhetorical ante (content warning):


I mean, Just look at those f–king kids saying f–k.  Just look at them!  Doesn’t this insipid, scripted rant against Big Oil inspire action?  Get angry!  Get outrageously outraged that little kids are so distraught over this environmental crisis they’re duty-bound to use language they aren’t inclined to use unless they’re exposed to it by adults!  Use that f–king anger and buy this f–king overpriced t-shirt to help clean up the mess Big F–ing Oil made.  What?  Who’s f–ing Bobby Jindal?  Why should I care that the drilling moratorium ham-stringed Louisianians’ ability to get back to work?  What f–ing speech?  What protest at the Cajundome?  Who cares…look at these f–king pelicans!

Honestly, that idiocy offends me more than children being used for yet another leftist cause célèbre (although Culture Warrior Bill O’Reilly might disagree).  It’s the same sort of banal sloganeering which brought us “Hope/Change,” “Yes we can,” and “Just fix it!” which helped usher in the most appalling statist policies our nation has seen since FDR. The same people also create sites like BP Republicans, conveniently forgetting that BP’s 2008 donations broke even between Republicans and Democrats with Obama raking in the single largest donation ever given to one candidate. They suffer from similar petrol-induced amnesia concerning Rahm Emanuel’s uncomfortable BP connection, as well.

But it’s not political, it’s environmental.  It’s charity.  Right.  The funds go to one of four non-profit groups with no political motivation at all including Earth Justice (an environmental law firm) and Greenpeace.

Don’t get me wrong.  I realize the enormous ecological damage this spill has caused and am well aware of BP’s role in the disaster.  I ♥ sea turtles. But it’s this sort of jejune, mantra-chanting propaganda which now promotes policy, bringing us federal “top kills” such as Obama’s new National Ocean Council and an ideologically-driven drilling moratorium irrespective of Gulf States’ livelihood.  (Read Laura Curtis’ fantastic post on the administration’s response to the crisis.)

Unf–k the Gulf‘s polemic isn’t shocking.  It isn’t surprising, it isn’t unbiased, and it isn’t cute.  They can spew the f-word all they want and I’ll still tell those children to plug their damn holes and let the adults get back to f–king work.

(h/t Mediaite)

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