The Daily Caller’s headline makes it sound like she’s responding to today’s JournoList revelation, but I don’t see any evidence of that in what she says. Sounds like she’s ripping on the media generally — a familiar refrain, albeit in unusually strong terms here — rather than the Obama glee club at J-List specifically.

No matter. Palin fascination plus the irresistible “sick puppies” headline should pull more traffic to their site for this than for all the JournoList stuff combined. It’s a clever bit of promotional synergy by Tucker and crew to connect the two for new readers.

Palin says the feeding frenzy culture of the media [during the campaign] galvanized her political opponents in Alaska. “The media incentivized political opponents to file false ethics charges and expensive, wasteful, frivolous lawsuits against me, my family and my staff, in an obvious attempt to destroy us,” Palin said.

When those lawsuits — which Palin said she won, but the media didn’t cover — caused legal costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Palin had finally had it, she said.

“I said, ‘Enough. Political adversaries and their political friends in the media will not destroy my State, my administration, nor my family. Enough.’ I knew if I didn’t play their game any longer, they could not win. I would not retreat, I would instead reload, and I would fight for what is right from a different plane.”…

“With the shackles off, I relish my freedom to call it like I see it, while starving the media beast that was devouring the false reports about me, my staff and my loved ones,” she said…

“I have lost all respect for the ‘mainstream’ media because they lied; and still lie. And they abuse America’s freedom of the press — because with freedom comes responsibility. My son chose to put his life on the line to defend that freedom, and I feel like his, and every good soldier’s, efforts are thrown in their faces when the press takes advantage of their sacrifices instead of respecting the freedoms they’re willing to die for,” Palin said.

More at the link, including another lament for how Team McCain threw her to the media wolves. What’s most striking here, actually, isn’t the “sick puppies” line but how comprehensively on-message she is about her various issues with the media even though the interview seems to be off the cuff. Victimization during the campaign aided and abetted by disloyal Maverick advisors? Check. Victimization as governor resulting in a selfless decision to resign? Check. Overcoming victimization by taking on the “beast” as a fearless unshackled independent voice? Check. Invocation of moral authority at the media’s expense via her son’s military service? Check. She even uses the word “reload,” for cripes sake. It’s a clinic in how a smart retail politician appeals to her base, yet even now the average lefty will insist that she’s a complete and utter moron. Although, perhaps, that narrative is starting to change.