Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), Kevin McCullough joins us again to discuss the intersection of faith and politics. Kevin and I will talk about the passing of Robert Byrd, as well as a number of issues impacting faith and politics. The Supreme Court ruled against a Christian student group in an important ruling today. Hillary Clinton tied aid for starving children to abortion last week. The Supreme Court also overturned the basis for Chicago’s handgun ban. We’ll also take a look at the upcoming hearings to confirm Davod Petraeus as Stanley McChrystal’s replacement. Plus, I’ll ask Kevin whether the Tea Party movement is Christian, as Patheos’ Timothy Dalrymple argues.

Update: Kevin has to be elsewhere today in a last-minute change of schedule.  Instead, we’ll start off with Timothy Dalrymple of Patheos to discuss the ruling in the SCOTUS case involving the Christian group as well as talking about his essay on Christianity and the Tea Party movement.  In the second half, Matt Lewis of Politics Daily joins me to talk about the SCOTUS handgun ruling, the controversy over Dave Weigel, and Robert Byrd’s death, and much much more!

We’ll also talk about BMX Radio Now, Kevin and Stephen’s exploding success in independent talk radio, as well as Kevin’s book, The Kind of Man Every Man Should Be: Taking a Stand for True Masculinity.

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