He actually fires off a round in this one. Can it be, my friends, that Alvin Greene won 60 percent of the vote in a U.S. Senate primary without leaving his living room while the man responsible for the greatest political ad evah ended up third in a battle for … state agricultural commissioner? It’ll take a 70-seat pick-up in November to ease the pain of that loss. Which, given The One’s job performance lately, remains distinctly possible.

Up until now I was thinking Christie/Peterson in 2012, but after hearing him pronounce “McMillan” as Mac-Millan, I’m leaning Peterson/Christie. While we wait for primary season to begin, is there really not a single spare half-hour anywhere in the Fox News schedule for this guy to host his own show? “Give a Rip! with Dale Peterson” would be an awesome pairing with Huckabee’s program on Saturday night. I’m picturing a panel discussion with a live studio audience and D-Pete roaming the aisles, Winchester over his shoulder, challenging assorted Democratic “dummies” on their talking points. Beck-level ratings in no time. Exit quotation: “We shot this in the morning on Dale’s llama farm. We considered having the llamas in there, but thought that would be too random.”

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