Honestly, I don’t get it. I get the broader similarities between The One and Jimmeh, of course — horrible economy, crisis related to energy, growing threat from Iran — but the connection between this gassy bit from Carter’s speech and Obama’s pep talk on the spill eludes me. Limbaugh did a much better job with the analogy today, mainly because he focused on the parts of Carter’s address that had to do with energy, not with the eye-crossing blather about the “meaning of our own lives.” Even there, though, I don’t quite see why the similarities between JC and BO should be so illuminating. Isn’t “national mobilization for alternative energy” standard Democratic boilerplate whenever they’re faced with a problem involving oil? It’d be like a lefty having an “aha!” moment upon finding that Ronald Reagan and Chris Christie used similar rhetoric in pitching school choice during a debate an education. If you elect a Democratic president, expect a metaphor eventually involving World War II and windmills. Like clockwork.