The NRSC didn’t take long to start attacking Barbara Boxer after last night’s California primary nominated Carly Fiorina as the Republican challenger to “Senator Ma’am.” In fact, this 30-second spot kicks off what promises to be an entire series of “Decades of Epic Fail” at a new NRSC microsite, with the domain name The website features a “greatest hits” compilation of Boxer moments over the years, including the one in which she tells a general to call her Senator instead of “ma’am.” The NRSC wants to give her back that latter honorific:

It’s a great spot, especially for a web ad, although it’s brief enough to run on television. The site is even better. It includes a timeline of Boxer’s political career, a flipbook of the same, and many other tools to dissect her record. Under normal circumstances, a long resume might be seen as a bonus on the campaign trail, but not in a year where voters are looking for alternatives to hidebound incumbents. Boxer has been in Washington since 1983. Maybe it’s time to send her home.

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