One has to think that people become Harvard professors by having a certain amount of native intellect, but this story of a raid by police in Weare, Connecticut may shake that assumption.  Two medical-school professors either facilitated a drunken party involving 70 teenagers attending their daughter’s graduation party, or they got outsmarted — by dozens of drunken teenagers:

Two Massachusetts doctors, both who teach at Harvard Medical School, were arrested Sunday and charged with facilitating an underage drinking party in which 70 teenagers — mostly new graduates of St. Paul’s School in Concord — were placed into police custody.

Police said J. Wesley Boyd, 46, and Theonia Boyd, 49, were charged with facilitating an underage drinking party.

Boyd insists that he told the kids that alcohol wouldn’t be tolerated at his party.  He then told police that he had noticed one or two kids that might have been intoxicated, but that he didn’t see any evidence of them drinking.  That’s funny, because police saw plenty of it:

Boyd, a psychiatrist, said he never saw anyone drinking any alcohol. He acknowledged he may have thought one or two kids were intoxicated, but he couldn’t know for sure because he saw no one drinking.

He was surprised when police showed photos, taken after the arrests, with large numbers of beer containers in the yard, he said.

Shocked, shocked I am that police found this subtle evidence that Professor Boyd somehow missed!  All of that beer must have mysteriously materialized at the residence without Boyd’s eagle eye picking it up.

Even though the police did a better job of protecting the teens than the Boyds, the Boyds made sure to tell the press just how racist Weare’s finest were in dealing with the situation:

Meanwhile, he said police made derogatory comments about some of the students taken into custody. They called an Asian a special-needs student; told an African-American he must be at St. Paul’s on a basketball scholarship and described an Indian woman as a princess, Boyd said. A red-head was called “red,” he said.

“You pick the stereotype, there were derogatory remarks being made about that person,” he said.

Yeah!  You know, Boyd was just going to let them get tanked and get into the 30 cars impounded at the residence.  The police called a girl “Red” and another one “Princess.”  Let’s get some perspective here, people!

Boyd says he’ll fight the charges, presumably by telling a judge all about the racism inherent in the system.  Unless Boyd gets his representation from Harvard Law, his lawyer will probably advise him to shut the hell up and pay the fines.