A fine idea. Tapper invited her on after she tweeted that Israel won’t get a fair shake from big media, but it’s been radio silence on her end thus far. Ziegs to the rescue!

As I said yesterday, if Palin is looking for someone to conduct a tough, fair interview, she couldn’t ask for a better host than Jake Tapper. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I can’t think of another person who can lay claim to being a more staunch defender of Sarah Palin than John Ziegler. He made an entire (very entertaining, if blinkered) movie based on the premise that the media treated her unfairly during the 2008 campaign, and has come to her defense repeatedly since then. Here’s what he had to say about Tapper’s Twitter campaign:

“Personally, I wish Governor Palin had gone to work for ‘This Week’ instead of Fox News so she could have reached/persuaded more people in the middle. I have always encouraged her to do more adversarial interviews because I think she would pleasantly surprise a lot of people and really do great. I hope she does appear on ‘This Week’ but I don’t think this is the best way to go about getting it done.”

Two possible arguments for why she shouldn’t do it. One: Tapper won’t give her a fair shake. Does anyone believe that, though? Granted, JT shouldn’t have excised the term “ObamaCare” from his blog posts just because a few lefty idiots complained, but that’s the only (very minor) sin he’s guilty of that I can recall. There are multiple posts in our own archives about him being tough on Gibbs, and he’s a straight enough shooter to have earned the respect of a Palin-defending media critic as stalwart as Ziegler. He’s not going to ask her what she likes to read, especially not when there’s plenty of topical material circulating on her own Facebook page these days to inquire about. If you want a fair yet challenging interview, that’s your guy.

Two: She’s not ready for an interview with someone who’s not necessarily favorably disposed to her. There may be Palin-haters willing to argue that position, but surely not Palin-supporters. Ziegler thinks she’s plenty capable of handling Tapper’s questions, and the fact that she writes her own Facebook posts supports his position. If you’re serious about her running for presidency, one of the easiest ways to convince swing voters that she knows more than her detractors give her credit for would be to do a “prestige” Sunday show away from the safe haven of FNC. How about it? Israel, the oil spill, offshore drilling, Iranian nukes, the midterms and beyond — there’s plenty to talk about. Palin 2.0 launches now. Exit question: Does Tapper realize that if he trips her up with even a single question, some of her hardest core fans are going to call him a communist?