Via Breitbart. Not the first time that one of the Senate’s most stalwart conservatives has shown kindness to a prominent liberal. Remember that C-SPAN interview where he called The One a “wonderful man” and talked about writing him notes to “encourage him”? Encourage him on what, I wonder. Socializing American health care?

Coburn has enough goodwill among the base that he could call Glenn Beck the devil and name Harry Reid “World’s Greatest Grandpa” and his cred would still be secure. Even so, I’m fascinated by the slim possibility that he might be telling the truth here and not just blowing smoke about how super cool the left is for civility’s sake. Can it be true? Madam Speaker, the salt of the earth? Aside from Alan Grayson, she’s pretty much rock bottom on my list of “pols I’d like to have a beer with.” But who knows? After 15 Heinekens, the idea that we need to pass massive welfare-state legislation before we can know what’s in it might start making sense to me.

Exit question: How long before Fox News drops one of its patented nasty press releases on TC for what he said here? E.g., “We wish Dr. Coburn well with his fledgling Senate career.”