Barack Obama made the closing of Guantanamo Bay’s terrorist detention facility a centerpiece of his campaign.  On his first day in office, he issued an executive order authorizing a process that Obama promised would see Gitmo closed in a year.  Fourteen months later, Gitmo’s still open, the Obama plan to close it is in tatters — and as it turns out, most Americans are happy to see it, according to a new CNN poll:

Support for closing the facility has dropped 12 points over the past 14 months, a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey indicates.

Shortly before Obama’s inauguration, 51 percent of Americans said they thought the facility in Cuba should be closed. Now that number is down to 39 percent, and six in ten believe the United States should continue to operate Guantanamo.

The poll, released Sunday, suggests independent voters are contributing to the 12 point overall drop.

“Just Democrats still think that Guantanamo should be closed, but Independents have completely changed – from an even split in January 2009 to three-quarters who want to keep the facility open today,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

CNN doesn’t include the sample data, although they include the sample data in another post that discusses the bump to his approval rating the pollster found after the passage of ObamaCare.  They have it at 51/48 at the same time that Gallup and Rasmussen already show his momentary bump disappearing.  That’s interesting, too, because the number of registered voters who claimed they’d vote for Obama against a generic Republican remained the same in both polls — but the generic Republican gained a point.

The reversal shouldn’t surprise anyone reading Hot Air.  Rasmussen tests regularly on the same question and found only 32% support for closing Gitmo among likely voters — last AugustLast December, Gallup reported that 64% opposed Gitmo’s closure.  CNN is at least eight months late to the party.

So that leaves us with two questions.  First, why did CNN finally decide to check on Gitmo’s polling now?  And now that even CNN is acknowledging that Obama’s Gitmo policy is unpopular, will the rest of the national media start to ask why the White House is so determined to pursue it?