Hugh Hewitt is out today, so I will take this opportunity to introduce Hot Air to our Salem Communications brethren.  Tonight, I’ll be filling in the first two hours from the Heritage Foundation studio in Washington DC.  In the first hour, we’ll take your calls at 800-520-1234 and talking about some hot topics:

  • Sebelius says the public option isn’t dead yet
  • Joe Sestak says the White House tried to bribe him with a federal job
  • Tiger Woods
  • Barack Obama joins the Las Vegas Tourist Bureau
  • Jeb Bush tells Obama to stop blaming his brother
  • Tim Pawlenty: We’ll be like Tiger Woods’ wife, taking a 9-iron to big government
  • Bill Maher: Fox News audience is equivalent of a Down’s Syndrome child

We’ll also talk with the Beltway Boys, Brian Westbury, and possibly Rep. John Campbell — and with our callers!  Be sure to listen on the live stream here, and don’t forget to follow along and take part in the Twitter chat by using the hash-tag #hhrs!