A cute bit which I would have posted even if HA didn’t have a cameo. (Keep an eye out about a third of the way through.) His point about blogger sensationalism is fair — I nodded at it myself two days ago — but go figure that a medium driven by partisan warfare and fierce competition for traffic would favor eye-grabbing headlines rich with violent metaphors. The irony, of course, is that Stewart himself owes no small part of his popularity among the left to his status as some sort of partisan gladiator who can be counted on to make conservative guests squirm. The most famous example was that “Crossfire” segment when he got the better of Tucker Carlson (double irony: his point at the time was that cable news stupidly treats politics as bloodsport) but for a more recent instance look no further than his interview with John Yoo, which so disappointed progressives gathered in the arena to watch a rhetorical disemboweling that Stewart felt obliged to apologize the following night. Note to Yoo: Next time you’re on, turn to the crowd and say, “Are you not entertained?”

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