CBS legal correspondent Jan Crawford doesn’t go quite that far, but she gets pretty close when she admits at the end that Barack Obama “overstated” the impact of Citizens United v FEC. Well … yeah. Katie Couric and Crawford mull over the big takeaway moment from the State of the Union speech, focusing far more on the tradition of stoic non-response of Supreme Court justices during SOTU speeches than the tradition of refraining from attacking the justices in the speech itself. Even at that, Couric notes that this is the most brazen attack by a President against the Court since FDR:

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Not bad, and certainly not the worst response to the kerfuffle. Believe it or not, the Huffington Post did better, at least on the legal question. And if you don’t like the fact that the Court has gotten political, Professor Bainbridge says that maybe the solution to it would be to have a court filled with strict constructionists. (via Instapundit)