I’m at a loss. Her point, true to dovish form, is that Obama’s proposed spending freeze shouldn’t exempt the wingnut war machine at the Pentagon. If we’re going to trim the fat from domestic programs, she maintains, let’s trim all of it. Which is super keen, except that … it has nothing to do with her base’s core concerns about Obama’s proposal. Their problem isn’t the fact that defense is getting a pass, it’s that the idea of any kind of freeze flies in the face of Keynesian dogma about spending during a recession to stimulate growth. They don’t want any fat trimmed right now, let alone across-the-board trimming. Does Madam Speaker truly not understand that? Her colleagues seem to:

Some of the harshest criticism has come from the left, where interest groups and commentators have blasted the president for limiting spending during an economic recession. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said the proposal is similar to the kind of strategy “Herbert Hoover used in the ’30s to make the depression great.”

Liberal lawmakers also expressed strong objections.

“I’m just concerned that in a recessionary time, you don’t pull back government,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). “What does that mean for job growth?”

Exit question: What’s she up to here? Is this actually some sly maneuver to get House Dems to reject the freeze by painting Obama as some crony of the military-industrial complex or whatever? Or is she … really this confused about the left’s issues with the plan?