Via the Right Scoop, skip ahead to 7:40 and go from there. The exchange on McCain is predictable, with Beck wondering how she can support a “progressive” and Palin playing up his statesmanship and noting how solid he’s been in opposing Obama this year (which is true). More interesting is their exchange on Scott Brown. On the surface they’re both critiquing the political culture of D.C. — Beck refers to it as being “assimilated into the Borg” — but my sense is that he’s more focused on making sure Brown votes the right way while she’s more focused on preserving his independence. (“I want him to stay pure,” she says, free and clear of any political machine.) The irony, of course, is that in Brown’s case those two goals conflict: The more independent he is, the more likely he is to represent the majority in his state by breaking with the GOP and voting as a McCainian centrist “progressive.” Is Sarahcuda satisfied with that outcome in the interests of independence or have I misunderstood her and Beck here?