Amazing: Scott Brown about to raise $1 million for the day; Update: Done!

Allahpundit Posted at 9:34 pm on January 11, 2010

His site’s not loading at the moment, but as of 9:20 ET he was at $984,000 and change. It’s a done deal; he’s about to double his targeted fundraising amount for this push. Mind-blowing.

While we wait for the official numbers, here’s a short but tasty snippet from tonight’s debate with Coakley followed by what Ben Smith describes as a “kitchen sink” attack ad from her camp. The photo of Bush and Cheney is, needless to say, the centerpiece — apparently Coakley brought up Bush at the debate too — but the suggestion that Brown is somehow pro-rape is a nice touch, I thought. Exit question: They’re getting nervous, aren’t they?

Update: He did it.

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