In most places in this country, getting painted as a tax-and-spend liberal would create problems for a politician. But what if that politician wants to follow in the footsteps of one of the nation’s biggest tax-and-spender, Ted Kennedy, in deep-blue Massachusetts? The free-market group American Future Fund has an ad buy in the state informing voters of Martha Coakley’s desire to hike taxes and spend more taxpayer money, while Scott Brown represents a direction that Massachusetts has rejected almost since the original Boston Tea Party. Click the image to watch:

Issues comparison.

Scott Brown supports an across the board tax cut. Martha Coakley says quote “we need to get taxes up.”

Brown has pledged not to raise taxes. Coakley says she will.

Brown opposed the two trillion dollar congressional spending spree that’s putting us deeper in debt. Coakley supports massive new spending and the tax increases to pay for it.

Call Martha Coakley and tell her we can’t afford more taxes.

American Future Fund is responsible for the content of this ad.

The question will be whether the Tea Party sensibility that started in Massachusetts over 230 years ago has rekindled at all. So far, Brown seems to be doing well running on an explicitly Republican platform of lower taxes and spending — but he still trails Coakley by a narrow margin with less than two weeks to go. Will the same voters who routinely sent Kennedy and Kennedy wannabe John Kerry to the US Senate for more than a generation find an appeal in free-market, lower-government philosophy? The fact that the race is as close as it is should be a sign of deep concern for Democrats.

Meanwhile, kudos to Brown for actually running as a Republican in Massachusetts, rather than Democrat Lite. I’d bet that he had more than one advisor cautioning against such an approach.